Reading Judges

The book of Judges

I have just finished reading Judges as part of my daily devotions. I dislike this book and the accounts of the depravity that happened during this period in Israel’s history. The repeated verse: “In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes” reminds me of today’s world situation and even my own life. Israel had failed to drive out all of the inhabitants of the land so they became a hindrance to them. Israel fell into “recurring cycles of disobedience, foreign oppression, cries of distress, and deliverance” (

I believe I can draw parallels in my own life from the happenings in Judges. Too often I reject God’s lordship over my life and blatantly separate myself from Him. Desiring the things of the world and the flesh. Usually oppression comes and I find myself calling out to God, much like the Israelites. I also think that when I became a Believer, I left some Jebusites in the land that still at times cause me to fall into old patterns of behavior.

World B Free T-shirt

World B Free T-shirt

Back when pro-basketball was fun.

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